HydraFacial with Mesotherapy

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In just thirty minutes, restore your glowing skin.

You can expect a HydraFacial to eliminate imperfections and restore your skin to its natural beauty and shinning view through the magic of exfoliation and hydration. Hydration is the key to healthy, plump, and glowing skin and keeps it moisturized to prevent irritation that can increase the signs of ageing.


About The Machine

HydraFacial with Mesotherapy Machine

Hydra facial dermabrasion machine completely changed the traditional manual skills personal skin cleaning practices, Using full intelligent program control of vacuum negative pressure model, Through the perfect combination of products and equipment, in a short time deep cleaning skin and Horny inside the pores, Acne, blackheads and other dirt, While to enhance the nutritional composition of products deep absorption, Promote the pores smaller, smooth skin, increase the skin’s moisture, make the skin appear bright water whitening, moist and full of texture.


Serena Medical Center

Five Ways HydraFacials Can Help You Look Younger

Serena Medical Center


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