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Dental Services are provided by a professional medical center. 

General dentistry includes a wide range of services to keep your mouth clean and healthy on a regular basis. Regularly scheduled visits to a general dentist near you help contribute to your overall oral and physical health.  We provide high-quality clinical services in all categories by fully utilising modern technology and extensive experience. We are now a pioneer in restorative, surgical, and cosmetic dentistry with excellent customer service. Whether you are looking for implants, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, or full-face restorations, we take care of all your dental concerns with confidence and guarantee results.
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tooth extraction

About Our Dentists

Providing the Full Spectrum of Dental Services

General dentists prevent, evaluate, diagnose, and treat diseases of the oral cavity as well as maintain the function and appearance of the teeth. Many oral diseases and abnormalities can indicate other diseases. A general dentist may refer patients to their physician or a specialist for further evaluation, or vice versa for treatment.  Our residents come from all parts of the world, bringing you global expertise coupled with cutting-edge research and knowledge.

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Our General Dentistry Services

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Root Canal

A root canal can help you keep the structure of your tooth with no need to extract it, helping you to keep your natural teeth.
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Teeth Cleaning

Getting your teeth cleaned on a regular basis is one of the more important things you need to do to support good overall tooth health.
tooth extraction in dubai

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction may be needed. Those reasons include excessive tooth decay, tooth infection, and tooth crowding.
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Crowns and Bridges

A dental restoration that covers the entire tooth, replacing its outer layer of enamel with a new material,
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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening involves bleaching your teeth to make them lighter. It can’t make your teeth brilliant white.
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Traditional veneers are luminous white shells that are placed over discolored, chipped, worn, or misaligned teeth to fix the look.

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Maintaining good oral health is essential for your overall health, and regular visits to the dental clinic in Deira can help with the same. Before you start looking for a dental clinic in Deira or a dentist near you, it is important to understand the importance of the range of services under general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry offered by dentists in Dubai.

List of General Dentistry Services We Provide

  • Dental exams and check-ups: Regular evaluations to assess overall oral health
    and detect potential issues early on.
  • Teeth cleaning and hygiene: Professional cleaning and preventive care to
    maintain optimal oral hygiene, preventing cavities and gum disease.
  • X-rays and diagnostic services: Utilization of imaging techniques to diagnose dental conditions accurately, aiding in treatment planning.
  • Dental Filling: Procedure to repair and restore teeth affected by cavities or
    damage, preserving tooth structure.
  • Aligners and retainers: Orthodontic devices designed to align and maintain the position of teeth for improved aesthetics and function.
  • Crowns and bridges: Restoration techniques involving dental crowns to protect damaged teeth and bridges to replace missing teeth.
  • Tooth extractions: Removal of problematic or damaged teeth to prevent further oral health complications.
  • Root canal treatment: Intervention to address infections or damage to the
    tooth pulp, preserving the tooth and preventing extraction.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services We Provide

  • Veneers (Hollywood smile): Application of thin porcelain shells to enhance the appearance of teeth, creating a radiant and aesthetically pleasing smile.
  •  Teeth Whitening: Procedures to lighten and brighten natural tooth color,
    enhancing overall smile aesthetics through various whitening techniques.

Dental Clinic In Deira | Serena Medical Centre

Serena Medical Center is a professional and reliable dental clinic in Deira offering dental and dermatological care in Dubai. We offer premium dental services in Deira to cater to numerous general and cosmetic dental care requirements. Once you visit us, you will no longer have to look for a ‘dental clinic near me or a dentist near me.’ We have a team of highly experienced and professional dentists, who use modern technology to ensure that you get best quality care when it comes to general, restorative, surgical and cosmetic dentistry. Whether you are looking for porcelain crowns or a teeth whitening, we can help solve all your dental problems and guarantee results.

When Should You Consult With A Dentist?

Following are some examples that should prompt you to look for and visit a ‘dental clinic near’ me or ‘a dentist near me.’

  1. Pain or Discomfort: Persistent toothache or gum discomfort should never be ignored. This may indicate an underlying problem such as tooth decay, periodontal disease, or a more serious medical condition. A timely consultation with a dentist in Dubai will help identify the root cause and prevent further complications.
  2. Bleeding gums: If you notice bleeding while brushing or flossing, it could be a sign of periodontal disease. If bleeding gums are left untreated, it can lead to more severe periodontitis. It is important to seek professional dental care and visit a dental clinic in Deira to address this problem and prevent it from spreading.
  3. Persistent Bad Breath: Chronic bad breath, also known as halitosis, can be associated with a variety of dental problems, including tooth decay, periodontal disease, and even general health problems. Your dentist in Dubai will assess your oral environment and recommend appropriate measures to treat the underlying cause.
  4. Rehabilitate your Dental Appearance: You should see a dentist in Dubai if you notice any sudden changes in the appearance of your teeth or gums, such as: discoloration, swelling, or lumps. These changes can indicate a variety of problems, from a dental infection to a more serious medical condition that requires urgent treatment.
  5. Jaw pain or clicking sounds: Jaw pain or clicking sounds Your dentist in Dubai will evaluate your symptoms and recommend appropriate treatments to relieve discomfort and restore proper jaw function.

Why Should You Go For Regular Dental Checkups?

Here are some advantages of going for regular dental checkups and visiting a dentist in Dubai regularly:

  1. Prevention: Regular dental checkups are important for preventive care. Your dentist can identify potential problems early on, which can prevent the need for more extensive and expensive treatment later on. Being proactive and going for checkups helps maintain optimal oral health.
  2. Professional Teeth Cleaning: Professional teeth cleaning as part of your regular checkup removes plaque and tartar, which is essential to preventing cavities and gum disease. Even with careful oral hygiene practices at home, spot cleaning can be difficult without professional help.
  3. Early detection of problems: Many dental problems, such as cavities and periodontal disease, may not show any noticeable symptoms in their early stages. Regular checkups allow your dentist to detect these problems early and allow for immediate intervention, minimizing the impact on your oral health.
  1. Customized Oral Care Plan: Your dentist can create a personalized oral care plan based on your individual needs and risk factors. This may include recommendations for specific oral hygiene habits, dietary changes, and preventive treatments to address your individual problems.
  2. Education and Advice: Regular visits to the dentist give patients the opportunity to receive advice on proper oral hygiene techniques, lifestyle factors that influence oral health, and information about the latest advances in dental care.

Why Should You Pick Serena Medical Center For Dentistry Treatment?

  •  A Highly Professional Team: Our team consists of highly experienced and specialized dentists who can offer reliable and high-quality dental care, whether it’s general dentistry or cosmetic dentistry.
  • A Team Of Experts: Our dentists and staff working in Serena have several years of experience which makes them an A-team and makes us one of the top medical centers in Dubai.

  • Fast & Reliable Services: We offer same-day implants and very accurate analysis during our onsite laboratory tests. 

We operate from 11 AM to 9 PM on all days, except Monday. To book an appointment with us for dental services in Deira, you can call on:  +971 50 338 6550 or email us at:

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